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Bespoke design

At Anthony Paul, we want to help you find that unique piece of jewellery that you’ve been searching for. We want to share our passion by creating a one-off design, just for you. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary, we’ll help you give a special gift, handmade in the Royal Borough.

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Repair and Restoration

From simple chain repairs to complex handcrafted pieces, our services are here to meet all your needs. With more than 100 years combined experience at our disposal, we can tell you exactly how a piece of jewellery is put together, and how it can be restored or repaired.

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We offer full and comprehensive valuation services, all carried out by our highly experienced staff, onsite. We specialise in valuations for both insurance and probate. However, if you are considering selling an item of jewellery, we’re also able to give you an opinion and possibly make you an offer to purchase.

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Pearls are timeless, but they’re often something you wear on a daily basis. So, we’re happy to examine your pearls or beads, and advise you of any work that might need to be done to keep them looking their best. We work closely with highly-skilled craftsmen and women who carry out this age-old tradition to a very high standard.

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Make your jewellery that extra bit special by having it beautifully hand engraved. We work closely with skilled engravers, who can add a personal touch to your most sentimental pieces.

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Gold Buying

With the price of gold reaching record highs over the past couple of years, plenty of customers have been taking advantage of this. If you have unwanted gold – in any condition – that’s just sitting and gathering dust, it could be turned into instant cash at one of our shops. It’s a quick and easy process – all you need is your gold and a proof of identification. With more than 30 years experience in dealing with precious metals, we can usually give an immediate price.

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